About OpenGeoFeed

The purpose of the OpenGeoFeed project is to help ISPs with working with self-published geofeeds.

Features of OpenGeoFeed are:

  • Feed validation
  • UI for editing feeds combined with feed hosting
  • Verification if given prefixes may be announced by a given autonomous system
  • Automatic import of all prefixes announced by an autonomous system
  • A public feed providing information for all autonomous systems that have opted-in
  • Import of data from existing feeds

Statistics (overall)
# AS 237
# AS (public) 107
# Prefixes 37911
# Prefixes (public) 10828
# Prefixes w/ geolocation information 2281
# Prefixes w/ geolocation information (public) 1541
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OpenGeoFeed is a service provided free-of-charge and was built specifically to help you with managing your geofeeds.